Google celebrates Valentine with insect-characterized doodle


The atmosphere is filled with love and it is so overwhelming with everyone and every brand throwing love chants

Google has refused to be left out in the global celebration of love, and in its own amazing way, the tech giant is reaching out to its many users around the world in the fanciest and unthinkable way. The search giant made use of insect-based characters to describe their love message to their potential web users today.

The insect-characterized doodle will be seen the moment you open a new tab on your web browsers, especially the ones with a Google search engine set as default browser. While the doodle is is a 13 seconds GIF that can be played when connected to the internet; it features three categories of insect which include, a pair of worms, a pair of bees, and a pair of spiders, all engaged in a romantic act.

The pair of worms were both seen forming a love sign, while the other pairs of insects were seen playing love in what seems like their habitats.

While this love campaign is still very much ongoing, one could expect to see more funny representations of love from different brands, and we at we inform you as they unfold.

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