Google Chrome’s new Update is Giving Whatsapp a run for Its Money

Google Chrome happens to be the fastest web browser on the planet, and it is now on the journey of extending its hands to reach millions of its customers by launching a video call feature and giving Whats app a run for its money

Since the lockdown started, a series of video call apps have surfaced and are doing exceeding well. The coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of people to abide by the social distancing and self-isolating policy. So video calls have become the next best thing to keep in touch and stay afloat all the brewing drama outside.

In the early days of the shutdown as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, enterprise-focused video call software, Zoom, and party game-packed software, Houseparty saw unparalleled spikes in demand. And existing players rushed to upgrade their applications and services to keep up with demand Facebook is introducing a new feature, Chat Rooms, which enables up to 50 users to make video calls from their Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp or Instagram accounts.

While Google’s Meet app can take up to 100 participants at a time, What’s app has only upgraded from 4 participants to 8.

And now Google Duo, a video chat competitor to Apple FaceTime and WhatsApp, has been offered another boost to enable consumers to keep in contact with the ones they haven’t been able to see owing to the virtual distancing mechanisms in effect around the globe.

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Google has also increased the overall number of users capable of taking part in a video chat, raising the existing eight-caller total to 12. And now the Californian business is using its Chrome web browser’s immense success to help bind more people in lockdown and transform into a go-to video call device.

Calls to Google Duo can now be kickstarted from Google Chrome. The app is still in alpha and there will be further trial tests before it is rolled out to millions of consumers around the globe. Google Chrome integration could be a game-changer though. Around 67 percent of all desktop web users use Chrome.

This is an incredible number of people. No other web client comes near, and the opportunity to easily hop into a video chat, or kick-start a new one from the mobile app for up to 12 friends or relatives, can persuade users to abandon other choices. People may need a Google Account to join in a call that doesn’t automatically need a Gmail email address.

It’s the same requirement for using Google Meet, which was once reserved for business and educational users, but is now available to all. The change comes after all Duo calls have been introduced by Google Meet with a modern AV1 video codec to boost the video contact efficiency over weaker internet connections.

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