Google Chrome vs Internet Explorer!

Internet Explorer, with IE as its alias, had been a feudal lord of Microsoft. For every Microsoft PC it was the de facto web browser and it ran its kingdom with an iron fist as it saw fit. The sixth and seven editions had enough quirks to get sane web developers upset. But it was big and popular, and there was no choice for web developers but to accommodate their idiosyncrasies.

Google Chrome was an up and comer, a serf, an open-source development opposed by Google CEO Eric Schmidt for six years. But in 2008, Google ripped off Chrome’s collar and let it go crazy, and presently, Chrome is the most common web browser in the world boasting 45 per cent market share.

What is the interface like?

Both the modern Google Chrome and Internet Explorer renditions use minimalist interfaces. The main distinction between the rivals is that IE positions tabs and the address bar on the same level by default in order to save space. Six separate tabs may be a concern.

When it comes to the interface of both, there is no exact winner as they both come on top as a tie!

When it comes to standard support; Google Chrome comes on top as winner, because, as web programming languages develop, browsers will need to “study” the languages to display new pages appropriately. An older browser, such as IE 7, will not be able to display a lot of modern web pages using HTML5 and CSS3.

Google has an edge for Chrome on HTML5. It supports drag-n-drop, geolocation, orientation of the device and other new-captured functionality. It supports a number of CSS3, as well.

Although Internet Explorer has come a long way since IE 7, support for the latest in front-end web design is still lagging behind. It was the only desktop application to get WebGL 3D graphics support introduced.

When it comes to privacy, surprisingly, internet explorer comes up top!

Also, as everyone knows, internet explorer is super slow, and many times, you hardly see anyone use it because it takes time to load, search and the likes. So Google chrome takes the crown when it comes to speed.

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