Google Confirms The Next Pixel Will Pack Dual-Camera


It is no longer a rumor that the next Pixel flagship will host a dual camera, Google finally confirms

There has been a lot of rumors circulating about the next Google Pixel smartphone, although while there is no much revelation about the upcoming device yet, the company took to its Twitter handle to let out a latent image of their next device, and it confirms some of the previous rumors that that has been around.

While the image reveals only the rear view of the device, it shows that the next Pixel will pack a dual-camera as most sources have earlier opined. Also, just like the previous renders that circulated suggests, the entire enclosure will be in a square enclosure similar to the rumored camera bump of the new iPhones, if at all you have come across it yet. Aside from that, there is no suggestion for other add-on features like physical buttons or the position of the speaker. Also, the tech giant didn’t state any details of the in-built feature so there is nothing to confirm about that yet.

One thing that can be assumed about the device is that there is a possibility that it will still make use of the power button, alongside an on-screen or in-display finger sensor, assuming it wants to jump on the new trend, especially when the rear finger sensor is missing in the image shared by the company. To avoid misleading you, will won’t suggest anything about the built-in feature until we have a green light from the company.



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