Google Customers can now Enjoy 30GB of Full-speed Data Via Google-Fi

Google has decided to temporarily give its customers 30GB of full-speed data via its Google-Fi in response to the novel coronavirus

The tech company in an updated support document said the kick-off date is April 1. This means customers on its Flexible and Unlimited plan via its Google-Fi (a wireless mobile service) will have 30GB of full-speed data at their disposal.

Before this, the Flexible plan can give you 15GB of high-speed data, it went down to 256 kbps (Kilobits Per Second). It later moved it to 22 GB.

The company also disclosed that it is extending the payment grace so that people with financial issues can still be connected regardless. The tech company gave the grace of 60 days from the day the customer refuses to pay due to financial issues.

This is however temporary, as Google did not state when it will be called-off. It would be better and more preferable if Google can make this permanent due to the wreckage the ongoing pandemic has caused.

Google is however not the only one doing this, AT&T and Cricket last month announced more affordable plans that start at $15 (₦5,505) per month, matching a similar offer T-Mobile launched at the beginning of the week.

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