Google Employees Has Demanded Better Treatment For Workers

Google employees have sent a memo to the company’s management demanding better treatment for its workers, most especially its contract workers amidst the coronavirus

The memo is written by workers of the company (full and part-time employees) is also known as “TVC” employees for temporary, vendor or contractor. The contractor workforce includes employees such as programmers, graphic designers, human resource officers or any position in the office you can think of.

The writers stated a lot of demand in the memo which includes work from home policy for all Google workers, a guarantee of paid time off when a worker is forced to stay at home due to self-quarantine or other measures.

The company also disclosed that its co-workers in the company’s Pittsburgh office employed by an independent company called HCL Technologies have been forced to come to work amidst the virus. The workers, however, protested the decision, wearing black during the protest.

“We know that leadership clearly values the health and safety of our workplaces and communities. But when it comes to our ‘extended workforce,’ Google and its contracting agencies are falling short.” The entire offices full of TVCs have no[t] yet had their remote access requests approved, and they are asked to come into the office while this is pending”. The memo reads

Responding to the situation, HCL said, “Specific to our Pittsburgh-based employees, we have already communicated a work from home option in consultation with our client, Google. We are enabling a remote working model to keep their health and safety as the priority in line with our other global efforts around the COVID-19 situation.”

Google has however approved that its workers working remotely. “HCL employees in Google Pittsburgh were approved for remote access today and no HCL employees will be required to come into the Pittsburgh office starting tomorrow,” Google said.



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