Google Fit gets new features with home screen widget


Do you use a Google Fit? then you should watch out for the new breathing exercise feature that comes along with the watch’s latest OS update

Just a while after Apple announced of new health features on its Watch OS, Google has decided to release yet another feature to its Fit device, hence, building a suite of mobile and wearable health features to turn our phones and smartwatches into the center of fitness and wellness regimens.

The Google wear OS may not be on the same spot as Apple, however, with recent development, Google’s wearable is beginning to catch up as well. 
This week, Google will be adding a number of new features to make it easier to track activity progress and to engage in a bit of relaxation. Hence,  you can expect Google Fit to be all you want in a smartwatch.

If you are anxious of knowing what is kin about the new update, then you should expect new features like, new home screen widget which is strictly operatable with the Google Fit mobile app, couple with breathing exercise features for wear OS smartwatches and it is similar to Apple’s breath app. Now, you can place activity progress meters like minutes walked and calories burned right on the main screen of your Android phone.

Just in you want to lay hands on the feature soon enough, you should expect both to roll out before the end of this week, as Google has refused to state a specific date for the launch. 

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