Google Resumes Ad Placement on Zero Hedge following a fair Resolution

    Google is again encouraging finance news site, Zero Hedge to make revenue through its ad network after banning it for ‘derogatory’ comments barely a month ago

    In mid-June, Google told CNBC it had barred Zero Hedge from utilizing its ad network because of the comments portion of the web, which Google claimed repeatedly breached its policies against harmful and offensive content. Zero Hedge deleted the material and introduced filtering on the comments site, and protested Google ‘s decision.

    On Tuesday, Google said its staff had re-reviewed the platform, verified the content had been deleted, and started enabling it to begin displaying advertisements again on June 21.

    “We work with publishers to keep them aware of our monetization policies, which cover user comments on sites, and offer guidance on how to address policy violations if they wish to be reinstated,” a Google spokesperson said in a statement. “We have policies like these for many reasons, including to ensure companies advertising with us have confidence their ads aren’t running against dangerous, derogatory, or hateful content.”

    In mid-June, NBC News announced Google had also alerted conservative publication The Federalist regarding the material in its comments section and provided it an opportunity to fix the problems to avoid withdrawal from its advertising site.

    The Federalist mentioned last month it had removed its comments site. At the time, Federalist co-founder Sean Davis named the issue a “pretty terrifying example of the power that you have of the unholy union of corrupt media and monopolistic tech oligarchs.” 

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    At the beginning of the year, Twitter placed a restriction on the Zero Hedge account from the social media sites after it published an article linking a Chinese professor to the outbreak of the fast-spreading COVID-19 the previous week, mentioning that the account had offended  “ platform manipulation policy .” The account was reinstated in June, with Twitter calling the removal a mistake.

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