Google Is Deciding To Take A Breath On Covid-19 Ad Restriction.

    Susan Molinari, Google's top US public policy official, to step downAmidst the covid-19 saga, a lot of social platforms, including Google and YouTube, which are obviously one of the most prominent platforms, at the initial development of the virus, placed advert restrictions on their platform regarding the coronavirus. What this means is that any advert that talks about the corona or is in anyway related to it would be blocked and shut down.

    Google seems to have had a change of heart now, that they have decided to go easy on the covid-19 advert restrictions. A recent analysis showed that Google is loosing money as regards to not having enough adverts on the platform.

    Google YouTube, is also participating in the idea of going easy on the ban. Well we think that the idea is to indeed go easy on the ban, but also pay close attention to what is being uploaded.

    According to a Google spokesperson, the initial reason for the ban was because a lot of people took advantage of the situation and started to use the platform to capitalize and make money off people. They also used it to spread inaccurate news and doctors report. Google however, handled the situation head on, but now they might have to go easy on that policy for their own good, so as not to loose numbers completely

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