Google launches a ‘Group planning’ feature for its Maps

Google has promised a revamped mapping service earlier this year and they have seen to its fulfillment thus far

The search engine mapping service is a lot friendlier with more features coming in place. Some of the features the company announced back then have already launched, including many of the promised discovery and exploration tools, but the one feature that was still missing was group planning, which however has finally found its own place on the mapping platform ending the long period of wait.

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The new group planning feature is aimed towards achieving a collaborative outing planning (in form of decision making) for a group of people. Google is aiming at solving a problem which is quite a familiar one, like picking venues for hangout in a way that the service will automatically offer a randomly selected options that would be convenient to reach by the group of people involved, it is also applicable to other outing. This new service will reduce the rate of unnecessary descriptive text messages towards selecting and locating an event place.

Now, however, you’ll be able to create a list of places in Google Maps and then share those with your friends. And then, like in any good democracy, your friends can vote on where to go. Group members can also veto places by removing them from the shortlist and add other ones that they do prefer. Once you have created a list, you can share it just like any other link and your friends will be taken right to Google Maps on mobile or the web to join in the planning fun.

The new service promises to be a user friendly one, and it is available for grabs on the latest google map update.

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Salako Mathew
Salako Mathew
1 year ago

Nice one