Google Launches New “#AndroidHelp” Hashtag For Twitter


The search engine giant, Google launches new “#AndroidHelp” hashtag aimed at solving Android-related Complaints on Twitter

Google has announced that it is now open to take all Android-related complaints on twitter, and it only takes one simple step. Just tweet your issues using the hashtag #AndroidHelp and voila! Google would be right there to help solve the problem.

With the hashtag #AndroidHelp, every android user can get assistance with issues like general troubleshooting, identity and authentication, accessibility, and security among others.

In recent times, twitter has become the go-to media for customers who are displeased with services being rendered by any brand. Several companies have received swift jabs from furious customers who have experienced one hitch or the other during transactions.

Complaints have gone from reasonable to unreasonable and then to sarcastic and even dramatic. And the regular conduct has been companies pleading with customers to take it behind the curtains in order to protect the brand’s reputation.  Now, this begs the question, why has Google chosen to leave such conversations open for all to see?

People have had a lot to say since this new development was announced yesterday. Below is a snippet to what people are saying about the new development;

With hundreds of entries coming in, every single day, and many of them taking a tone like the one above, how does google intend to shuffle between the queries and provide answers to those who really need them? Maybe it has a way of scanning through messages and weeding out the ones that are public; it all remains unclear.

Google has however stated that all responses would come to form the official @Android Twitter handle.

We hope that they have it all figured out.






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