Google Made Approximately $4.7 Billion Solely From News In 2018


Google is indeed a tech giant and turning a sum of $4,700,000,000 as a sole income from just news is quite an interesting tale to tell

Really! $4.7 billion from just news, let me guess, that is double or triple the price of Bing, and if I’m not to go too further, it is probably more than Yahoo’s net worth, as a matter of fact, the last time I checked, the electronic mailing company was valued at $4.48 billion, which is even lesser than what Google makes from only news in just one year (no pun intended). That is really amazing, and I guess you are saying the same right now.

The pointer in this article is that the tech giant is making these huge amounts from being a Newsroom starve. If you find that hard to comprehend, being a Newsroom Starve means hosting numerous journalism sources, let’s say a distributor in this case. While that is not even a major concern, the company is reportedly making such a ridiculous amount without having to publish single news of its own, which is even funnier.

While you may see this situation as outrageous, some other news publishers feel the same about it, and wouldn’t hesitate to demand additional cuts for futuristic sake. “They make money off this arrangement and there needs to be a better outcome for news publishers,” David Chavern, the president and CEO of the Alliance, a news media registered under google told.

It may also please you to know that the entire news industry made $5.1 billion off digital advertising last year, which is only a little more than what Google made off that same content. The News Media Alliance believes its estimate of Google’s earnings was conservative, and the real number may be much higher which brought about more ranting from registered publishers. Literally, Google made more money for doing absolutely nothing, however, technically they packed as much profit because they own the platform. I hope it makes more sense to you that way?

That been said, there is a possibility of registered members to pass a bill that will address the consecutive negotiation with the tech giant, and while the campaign is been led by the same Alliance Media who is of the opinion that the profit sharing calls for urgent attention, it is also opening the masses eyes to be aware of the danger that is at stake if journalism goes away.

in the meanwhile, Google and Facebook have been recording a massive profit over the years now, and it is good to know that Journalism has a major role to play in the remittance of those huge profits.


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