Google map adds speed limit feature for both iOS and AOS devices


The year is still very much in its infant stage and the tech echo-system has been welcoming several new tech devices, alongside with mindblowing software features

Google, in its usual way, has Just announced of including a new feature in its GPS-enabled Map software; the speed limit notification, which is a new feature that the tech giant is including on its geographical mapping software. The new feature that will be applicable on both iOS and AOS smart devices will notify you of the speed limit of every route you ply through.

The new feature, spotted by a reliable source, ‘Android Police’ displays the posted speed limit on roads in the corner of the app, and also introduces an icon to denote the location of speed cameras. The source reported that drivers will get an audio notification when they’re approaching a speed trap. The update is currently rolling out to users in Denmark, the United Kingdom, and the United States, while speed camera icons are rolling out to Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Russia, UK, and US users. It is believed that the feature will roll out to more countries in the nearest future.

Google confirmed to have been testing the new feature for over two years, 2016, to be precise, and it has only been available in a limited location prior to the time of launch. Places like San Francisco and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, had an update to its Apple’s CarPlay app recently which included the new feature. The new feature describes Google’s attempt in helping users who might not drive cars with smart displays and helps Google catch up to the likes of Waze and Garmin, which have long provided the information for drivers. It is certain to see people switching from the likes of Garmin and Waze to Google, considering that the only feature that was absent on Google is now available, placing google ahead of its kinds.

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