Google Map Covers 98% Of The World’s Population

Google maps’ satellites images now cover 98% of the world population

Google Maps is seen as the most popular and useful mapping apps in today’s market. This is because users rely on this app to get to their destinations (if not known to them), check out traffic possibilities or areas where traffics are.

It, however, do not come as a surprise when the company’s satellite images cover 36 million square miles, which is approximately 98% of the entire population of the world. This means that there is less than 2% of the population of the world to be covered by this great app

This was disclosed by a recent blog by Google, where they shared additional details on how they go about mapping the world.  This according to them could be through cars that drive around collecting photos and information for Street View or providing high definition satellite images used as part of Google Earth.

We are however not happy knowing Google will always be watching us as there is no place to hide knowing fully well we are known by the company.

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