Google Map For Lagos Integrates Danfo, BRT, and Others

Google Map in the latest development is getting an update specifically for Lagosians

The search giant, having grown a level of relationship with the Lagos City, Nigeria, has decided to integrate new features on its mapping system that will specifically be of massive help for Lagosians.

In an email sent by the company to its numerous customers, Google wrote that; “We are excited to announce that we’ve updated the Android version of Google Maps in Lagos to reflect all of the ways you waka.”

While the new features are aimed to help Lagosians with a more reliable navigation system, it appears to share a lot of similarities with another software that offers seamless navigation across the state. According to Google’s mail, people who use the map’s new features will now be able to find “directions across town by Danfo or BRT to seeing photos of local landmarks, the improved app lets you track and time your waka beta.”

While this is not the only adjustment that is coming to Google Map for Lagosians– the map recently added a feature that was tagged open lanes for Lagos road users sometimes last month. The feature allows users of the app to boycott traffic or busy roads as much as possible by providing alternative routes.

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