Google new ‘Translatotron’ will offer a speech-to-speech translation


Google and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are two words that often go side-by-side, and in most cases used alongside each other

Google from the onset have a major interest in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology, and that can be confirmed through a lot of its product, especially those that are AI-enabled- Google Assistant is one of the famous in that area, while other products like the Google Translate plays a major role as well. Talking about Google AI-Translator which is the basis of this article, the tech giant just announced an addition to the family- ‘Translatotron’.

Google has always had a way of breaking the language barrier problem, using several alternatives that are powered by its AI technology. The tech giant uses alternatives like speech-to-text, text-to-text, or text-to-speech translation which has in a way helped the humanity. Now Google wants to take this translation process by a step higher, and its latest approach to achieving its goal is using the ‘Translatotron’ which the company says will enable a speech-to-speech translation.

In addition to the latest development, the tech giant, with the help of the Translatotron can also preserve a speaker’s unique voice characteristics, such as tone, inflection, and cadence. According to Google, the new height is achievable by utilizing a “sequence-to-sequence network” to convert source spectrograms into translated spectrograms in a given target language.

To preserve a speaker’s tone as mentioned before, Google relies on an optional “speaker encoder” step that can “maintain the character of the source speaker’s voice in the synthesized translated speech.”

To explain how the Translatotron works is fairly technical in nature, but from a practical perspective, you should be able to say something like “My name is John, how are you?” in English to someone who only speaks Spanish and have the tool convey your message more quickly and accurately than ever before. Unfortunately, as interesting as the tool sounds, Translatotron does not appear to be available for the general public just yet, and there’s no word on when it might launch — perhaps it will quietly be added to Google Translate itself in the future.


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