Google News Gets a Dedicated Coronavirus Hub

There’s been an influx of Coronavirus news in the last couple of months, and for every 2 minutes, you spend online, there will be at least 1 headline on the pandemic

The downside to this is that it gets bothersome to sift through that invasion. It also means that fake news too will thrive.

In an effort to proffer solutions to this, Google is launching a COVID-19 hub on Google News to help keep people updated on coronavirus information from reliable sources.

The hub will organize news from credible global and local sources into one space with the option to select which regions you want to be updated on. The hub can also highlight stories by topics such as the economy, health, and travel, with emphasis on results from local news most relevant to you.

Because of these backend tweaks, Search will now surface tweets by public health authorities as they are now used as a mechanism for disseminating information and making announcements to the public.

Google Assistant will also now answer questions like “Hey Google, what’s the latest news on coronavirus?” and “Hey Google, play news about coronavirus in New York.”

This new update will be made available in 10 countries and regions but will expand to more within the coming weeks. The new Google Assistant will be available globally in 10 languages.

Lastly, Google will be launching Google Doodles aimed at recognizing the doctors, nurses, teachers, food service workers and everyone who risks everything by remaining on the front lines of the pandemic.

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