Google Nigeria Launches Cameo In Lagos

Global company Google through its Nigerian arm, Google has today unveils the Google Cameo feature today in Lagos at an event at The Podium Lekki.

The Cameo as its name implies is a video-based Q&A feature that lets celebrities and mentors around the world answer questions that are mostly searched by their fans or those interested in learning about them.

Google Cameo With Adekunle Gold

This feature is basically open to public features and celebrities at the moment but the brand stated that it might be opening this feature to other users later on. At the moment the brand current question asked by fans and knowledge seekers send to these picked celebrities based on the rankings of the questions in terms of keywords and this is then answered in a video appears on the homepage.

The update is the brand’s approach to a kind of live feed or a twitter kind of interface.

Google confirmed the feature is part of its earlier efforts around Posts on Google using video. The Cameos app is part of a pilot that makes it possible for celebrities and other prominent figures to participate, a spokesperson said.

Invited users or picked out celebrities can download the Cameo App both from the PlayStore or the Apple iOS.

Also, these celebrities can use this platform has a dedicated shout-out spot for fans and friends, which is expected to appear on the brand’s homepage.

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