Google Now Makes it Easier to Find Information on External Websites

Google has made it easier to find the information one is looking for on external websites by highlighting relevant sections yellow

This works with Google’s Featured Snippets (this is the standalone boxes that appear at the top of search results which aims to give you answers without having to visit another website).

When you click on the snippet, it will take you to the webpage that it got the information from. But now you do not need to do that because the texts from the snippet will be highlighted in yellow and browser will automatically scroll down to the section in question.

According to Google’s Danny Sullivan, the page company has been working on the functionality for a while. It was rolled out to AMP pages in 2018, then started testing the functionality on HMTL pages last year.

The feature is currently been used on HMTL pages by the company. Google also confirmed the rollout through its Google’s official Search account. ““As we have done with AMP pages since December 2018, clicking on a featured snippet now takes users to the exact text highlighted for HTML pages, when we can confidently determine where the text is, for browsers that support the underlying technology.”

According to the news report, the feature is not yet working on some browsers, to which Google support page said that the functionality may be limited based on the type of individual browsers support.

Sadly the new feature will affect the ad market, since the website visitors may be automatically scrolled down past its ads to the relevant content. This means that the sites will need to change the location of their ads.







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