Google Photos Will Let You Manually Tag People in Pictures

Google has finally added to its features the ability for people to tag themselves in pictures

This was disclosed in a confirmed report by The Verge. In the report, the app allows you to input as much picture as you want and it is one of the perfect tools you can have.

To fully take charge of the app, Photos’ face recognition algorithm has to recognize that there is a particular image in the photo before it does anything. However, there are times the app does not satisfy the user. In instances where the person or object is not looking straight at the camera, the feature won’t be able to tag the subject.

To use the app, you tap then swipe the photo so it can get to the overflow menu. Another way to do this is to tap the photo, then the three dots icon– this will lead you to the same location. If the feature is on your device, you will notice a pencil icon to the right of the section which says, People. Once it is done, tap on the icon, and this will let you edit any tag as you want.

The feature is one of Google’s Photo’s latest release. However it is not available to everyone yet, because of the slow roll-out, but it would very soon. On that note, we would keep you updated on new development about the feature.

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