Google Pixel 4 Confirmed For October 15 Reveal

Google Pixel 4

The Pixel 4 has to be one of the worst-kept secrets of 2019. Several rumours have been flying about regarding the Pixel 4 and it seems that these rumours could have potentially forced Google to partially show what they have planned. The company unveiled the design of the phone as well as confirmed some upcoming features. That being said, it looks like all the rumors can soon be put to rest.

This is because Google has confirmed that on the 15th of October, the Pixel 4 phones will be officially announced. Google also seems to suggest that the event could be more than just about the Pixel 4 as the invite says,

Come see a few new things Made by Google.

This hints that the event could also include some other rumored product launches from Google, such as new Google Home speakers and maybe even some new Chromebooks.

In any case, the Pixel 4 will most likely be the star of the show and for good reason. For the longest time ever, Google has kept to the use of a single camera on its smartphones while other companies have been going the dual and triple camera route. However, the Pixel 4 is rumored to finally come with a dual camera setup.

Google has also confirmed some upcoming features, one of which we are particularly excited for. This is called Motion Sense which is apparently the results of Google’s Project Soli,  radar-based motion-sensing technology. How exactly it will be used remains to be seen, but we’ll know more in the coming weeks.

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