Google Pixel Buds 2 Have Serious Competition From Microsoft Surface Buds

Maybe it was by accident or an indication of things to come, but Microsoft’s Surface Earbuds introduced some odd yet fascinating features that may question the enhanced Pixel Buds from Google

The first is a transcription-style function that allows users to narrate PowerPoint slides, with their words appearing on-screen as live captions. The other is reading your Outlook notifications aloud, negating the need to communicate directly with your computer to access your addresses.

These aren’t revolutionary advancements in wearable earbud technology and definitely aren’t apps like real-time language recognition or immersive sound in the world of Pixel Bud, but they’re a little glimpse a quick peek into what might be.

Banking on the ability of any company to challenge the haired, wild-eyed, mad-inventor crown scruffy of Google it would be Microsoft. Google’s Pixel Buds, while seemingly fine as earbuds, offer something entirely different: a constantly updated, AI-enriched experience that focuses on audio quality just as much as tasks and features do.

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Using voice controls to bring up apps, take notes, websites, search for references, find information or even change phone settings on one screen while doing something else physically on the other screen is defining multitasking. An advert of doing exactly that would be captivating and in favor of Microsoft would quickly seize the narrative of ‘smart’ headphones.

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