Google Pixel’s next flagship could feature a dual sim


Google Pixel is and still remains as one of the most unique smartphone brands, expecially with the company sticking to tradition rather than trend

Are you looking for the best camera? then Google Pixel might just be you go-to smartphone even though it still uses a single camera. Other than the camera, Google Pixel has a couple of other reature that set it outstanding among other mobile brands. One of the many thing that makes the device unique include sticking to a single sim support, although that might just be at stake in its next flagship, as the brand is already considering a flagship with dual-sim support to break the long-time tradition.

While it feels like it was just yesterday when Google began selling its Pixel 3 family of smartphones; it seems a Pixel 4 (or some variant of the Pixel name) is already in the works and this time around, unlike its predecessor, the new Pixel may support dual sim cards, according to a report from XDA Developers.

That been said, there is literally little or nothing to discuss about the device just yet, although the source also commented that the dual sim capacity may not be like the popular ones you can think of, rather it is one physical sim and a digital sim (so it is still like saying the devices will still be using just a sim card, but in areas where e-sim is allowed, then it can be applicable, otherwise, its just a normal Pixel with a sigle-sim card compatibility).

Like Apple’s latest iPhones, Google’s upcoming Pixel will allow users to more seamlessly receive texts and calls from two networks at once; a pretty nice boon for those whose primary cellular provider has spotty coverage in certain areas. This information comes from a comment left by one Google developer in Android’s code documentation, so it seems reasonable that it is legitimate. However, on an official level, Google has not yet confirmed this feature, so it may be wise to take these reports with a grain of salt for now.

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