Google Removes The Totok Chat App From The Play Store For A Second Time


In December 2019, Google took down the Totok app from the Play-store and the Apple App Store because it was an alleged espionage for the United Arab Emirates. After the app was removed, it came up again on the platform as heads were raised against it, but it wasn’t functional.

According to Google and The Times, the app was taken down, but no accurate explanation was given to that effect. But The Times gave a statement that the app was taken down the first time for violating unspecified policies.

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Totok is a chat messaging and call platform that “promised” to be fast, secure and free. in the beginning of its existence, the majority of the app useers were from the United Arab Emirates and somewhere in the middle east. But shortly before its shutdown it had the largest users from the united states of America. But, based on the investigation conducted by the New York Times, the app allowed the UAE to spy on Users.

As Totok would have it, they completely denied every alligation against them and declared all of such allegations null and void. They said “not only do we respect privacy and ensure security, our users also have the complete control over what data they want to share at their own discretion.”




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