Google To Christen Android Q As Android 10


Google has over the years had a medium of code naming its operating system after food items, but this time, the brand has announced that it would be calling it new version of OS Android 10.

The brand announced the development in the above video and went on to release a new design for the new inclusion into the Google OS family.

According to sources, the change is done, due to the brand quest for accessibility in several regions and country across the globe where there is a functional representation of the brand.

Also, other changes are being done to the Android logo and mascot. The Android robot has been the company mascot since the very first release. Over the years, the robot changed colors from a yellowish-green to a lemon green and now finally to bluish-green.

Google has also become vocal about the colour changes, stating that it was not done for visual appeal, but to aid the distribution of the brand’s product on the Android market.

As it stands, the previous green color was not visible to those with color blindness, and green-red blindness is the most common type of color blindness. By adding more blue to the green, it improves the visibility for those who are unable to see the color properly.

Unlike before with a full robot body, Google has created a new gravatar text or the wordmark now has a different font, which is more circular and many of the curvatures match the curvature of the robot itself. The robot head is now part of the Android logo, and will either appear after the Android wordmark or above it, depending upon the context.

The head of the robot has also been totally redesigned. As of the moment, no news has been given as to when Google would be releasing the Android 10 update.

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