Google True Wireless Buds Are Always Attentive

Google at its annual hardware event 2019, did not only unveiled its highly anticipated Pixel 4 but also announced a bunch of other products to include the Google Pixel Buds alongside

Certainly, not many were expecting Google to announce the long-awaited follow-up of its Pixel bud, however, it came as a surprise when Google took the veil off the latest wearable flagship, and of course, it was an unexpected delivery from the tech giant.

Unlike the predecessor- the Pixel bud 1, the latest ‘all-new Pixel buds‘, as it was referred to by the product marketing manager are truly wireless, making up for a perfect fit in the ear. That is mostly possible because of the gage-like shape that makes the buds take firm hold within the ear cavity, unlike the regular buds that only rest along the ear canal.

With the firm hold withing the ear cavity also comes a perfect seal-out that automatically reduces the noise from the environment. This could also be a strategic way of attributing the wearable with a noise cancellation feature, as it literally mutes the surrounding sound while creating a more serene ambiance even without having to play a track.

That been said, the buds also comes in a portable box that doubles as a wireless charging case for the pair of wearable, and as you would expect, it’s very lightweight makes way for an easy logistic. Not just that, you can trust the case for about 24 hours of juicy supply before you would need to power it up again; that’s aside from the fact that each of the buds can last up to 5 hours of playtime per charge. The best part of the deal is that they can also charge via the USB-C charger which otherwise means you won’t tend to get stranded in most cases.

To avoid not saying anything about the internal spec; Google claims that Pixel Buds will keep their Bluetooth connection from three rooms away indoors and up to a football field’s length away when outside- that’s approximately a 100-meter range or perhaps a little further. While that sounds so much impressive, we’re gonna have to wait for a review unit to affirm to claim.

While that’s not the best deal for the all-new pixel bud, you are most likely going to fall in love with the hands-free access to Google Assistant. The microphone’s built-in (two in each bud) allow you to just say “Hey Google” or “OK Google” without touching anything.

As for the pricing pf the new buds, Google informed that it will sell for $179, and for some reasons will not ship until sometimes in 2020.



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