Google Will Predict ‘Public Transit Crowdedness’ On Its Map

Google is rolling out a public transit ‘crowdedness’ predictions for Google Maps so that you don’t have to worry about when exactly to leave for the park

Google Map is getting smarter by the day, and there is no doubt that the tech giant is putting in all his best to ensure that it fits into daily use for many people. While there has been a number of updates on the app recently, Google is adding yet another one to the many that exist already.

In the new update, Google wants to help users boycott crowd at their various Transit location. As a matter of fact, public transit can either be a nightmare or a godsend depending on where you live and what time of day you choose to take advantage of it. At best, there may only be a handful of other people on a given train or bus, but at worst, you may end up missing a train or run late to appointments.

Now, Google wants to find a way around the worst scenario, by informing you ahead of time how crowded the Transit station will be. This way, you can either reschedule or rather try to beat time assuming you have an appointment. If you have a chance to know how crowded the Transit will be before leaving home, then it means you can avoid unnecessary delays, and that is exactly the point of the new feature that Google is about to roll out for its Map.

How does the prediction feature works?

The feature will let you know ahead of time if a bus or subway is expected to be particularly busy. This feature will arrive across 200 cities throughout the world eventually, but for now, Google is keeping its initial launch small, with roughly 18 cities supported.

For a start, the feature will only be relevant is some selected cities in the UK where it will be debuting before it further spread to other regions. Some of the UK Cities where it will be working includes the likes of Glasgow, London, Oxford, Birmingham, and others. Presumably, major cities in the US, Canada, and other countries will be supported soon.

To use the new feature, you won’t need to do anything special to unlock it. Just plot your route as you normally would within Google Maps on iOS or Android, and “crowdedness predictions” — if they’ve rolled out to your device, then it should automatically appear.


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