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Sunday, August 9, 2020
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Google’s 21st Anniversary Lands A Doodle On Its Web Browser

Google clocks 21 today, and the search giant did not only grace its website with a comic Doodle, but also offers 21 percent discounts off its product in Europe

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Google’s 21st anniversary celebration is not all about the wishes and ads afterall. The seacrh giant is also giving out tokens to its many customers inform of discount on the sales of some of its products including the Pixel phone, Google Home speaker, Chromecast or other “Made by Google” products. Today is a good day,  isn’t it?

If you are buying a Pixel 3 for instance, it would cost you £584 instead of £739, for a savings of £155. In order to partake out of the ongoing tariff, you will be required to enter the code B-GOOGLE21 at the checkout point (although only in the UK), but note that there are some restrictions.

That been said, there is, however, a clause to the special offer in specific locations; Stadia pre-orders are excluded across Europe, and in France, the Pixel 3a isn’t part of the deal. Subscriptions to Nest Aware are also excluded. Also, the promo code for respective contries appears to be different, aside the fact that you need to have an address in the purchasing country.

Assuming you are oblivion about the official start date of Google- the search giant was founded back in September 4 1998, however, for numerous reasons, the company, over the years, have chosen to celebrate its birthday every 27th of the same month instead.

Also, you will seize to be a real Google fan if you don’t know the backstory to its name:
Google takes its name from the number “googol,” which is a “1” followed by 100 zeroes. (A Geogolplex, on the other hand, is a “1” followed by a googol zeroes. The fact that Google didn’t name their headquarters “The Googleplex” seems like a tragic oversight.)


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