Google’s $40 million debit will acquire Fossil smartwatch tech

Google just added yet another tech-oriented startup to its ‘to buy’ list

Just in an attempt to ensure its commitment to wearable, Google has decided to acquire a smartwatch technology, Fossil smartwatch tech; and beyond overhauling the company, the tech giant will hence patent the company for its futuristic watch production. While its still not clear whether, Google is buying the whole of the company, or just some of the intellectual property behind Fossil’s smartwatch technology, the current deal will be raking in as much as $40 million to the Fossil account.

Fossil stressed that it wasn’t bowing out of smartwatches. There are still “more than 200” R&D staffers, the company said, and it promised to “continue to unlock growth” in smartwatches with Google’s help. On the other hand, Google isn’t taking it any easy on achieving it wearable device dream, and the latest deal between the duo tech companies shows the company’s dedication to smartwatches. Hence, it is expected that it will help in “enabling a diverse portfolio” of connected wristwear. It wants to see Wear OS thrive, and that means drawing on the experience of one of its best-known partners.

The question here is what exactly Google plans to do with the watch, considering that it has a sort of deviated from its tradition in an attempt to favor some of its partner brands such as LG.┬áThe company did acquire part of HTC to improve its in-house smartphones, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that Google will make its own smartwatches. Now, talking of the Fossil, does it mean the company wants to improve its wear OS and possibly spread the benefits to the entire ecosystem.

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