Google’s New Video Showcases its New Ambient Mode In Action

Have you seen the new Ambient Mode by Google, well, Google has given us a chance to meet its soon-to-be-launched app

In a video released by Google, we could see on the lock screen, calendar info, notifications, weather, and smart home controls. Once your phone is plugged into a charger, it will display your phone into a smart display.

The app could actually tell you when you will be having your next meeting, how long your distance will be from your exact location and let you turn off the lights as you are about to leave the house, all from your lock screen.

The app launch which is due to be announced at a later date yet to be announced is going to be a good trial for everyone once it is launched. The company first announced Ambient Mode at IFA in September.

In an announced by the tech giant, four devices will get Ambient Mode: two Lenovo tablets, the Yoga Smart Tab and the Smart Tab M8, and two Nokia phones, the Nokia 6.2 and Nokia 7.2. However, there have are been reports of the feature rolling out to Nokia phones, as well as to some Xiaomi devices.

The video indicated that the Ambient Mode will be on select devices on Android 8.0 and above. The video also revealed that the Ambient Mode is deeply linked to Android and it is not a  standalone experience, so it might be possible that it will be available more Android devices someday. 

Watch the illustration video below;


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