‘Grammarly’ Now Use Color-Coded AI To Suggest Correction

grammarly tone detector

There is no doubt that the AI-enabled Grammarly tool has been of great help since arrival, and it has got just better in the latest update that now uses color-coded AI to suggest specific corrections

In the latest update, you will now be aware whether it’s a basic grammar issue like ‘mis-spelling’ or something more complex like clarity, engagement among others. Before now, the AI tool has always revolved around AI-based writing suggestions which entail highlighting words, phrases, or sentences that need to be checked.

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Now, there is more to mere highlighting, as there are specific indicators (in the form of different color-codes) that will offer you an ‘at-a-glance’ way of seeing what needs improvement in your writeups.

The new update is currently rolling out to both desktop and mobile browser app-editors for usage. Assuming you still have no idea about what the color-code AI will be doing then the following brief is for you;

“Red underlines point out basic issues of correctness, such as spelling and grammar. Blue addresses clarity problems like concision and difficult-to-read sentence structure, while purple offers advice on the tone of your piece. You’ll even see progress bars that show how close you are to refining your writing in a given category.” as explained by Engadget, one of our reliable sources.

Also, Grammarly told our source that the new update will only be available for selected users, especially the premium subscribers. In its world “the suggestions will carry over to the mobile keyboard for Premium users. Free users will have to wait until sometime later in 2019.”

While the Tool has always been useful for article developers, the new update will make it a lot more useful, as you cannot escape having to fix errors, except for otherwise, let’s say a user decides to intentionally leave the error unattended to.

If you are familiar with the tool, what’s your thought on the new update? Amazing I guess, but if otherwise, please share in the comment section below.


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