Hackers Introduces a Tool that Can Unlock all iPhone

A group of hackers has just introduced a ‘jailbreak tool’ that can unlock all iPhone including the latest iPhone 11 series

The information published by the infamous hacking syndicate Unc0ver reveals that the ‘jailbreaker tool’ as it is been called allows iPhone users to bypass Apple’s strong security controls on the kind of software that can be installed on its devices.

The new tool which was released a few days ago works on iPhones that run on the iOS 11 operating system upward, including iOS 13.5. According to figures published by Apple, 94% of iPhones currently runs on iOS 12 and iOS 13. This literally means that the jailbreaking kit is compatible with almost all iPhones.

The new tool uses a zero-day vulnerability in the operating system, which was found by the Unc0ver team. Although the flaw of the tool is yet unknown, the jailbreak tool is expected to be blocked off by Apple any moment

Even though the tool allows the user to access new functionalities and additional opportunities for customization, the practice is also associated with great risks. Operation outside Apple’s security circle surely increases the number of attacks and users also acquire risk when downloading apps that have not been approved by Apple from third-party sources.

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Apple for this reason, has advised its users to refrain from de-restricting their iPhones using a jailbreak tool unless they understand the full risk embedded in it. In the meantime, Apple is yet to make comment on the tool.

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