Harmony OS: The Rise of A New Android Empire

    Huawei Shipped 200 million smartphone

    In the past, the mobile market has looked like an empire controlled by one King or Queen based on your choice of a descriptive noun for the subject — Google has solely led and determined the pace and growth of the market, which accounts for a growing population of about 2.3 billion as of 2018 — trust me the number is no longer static, there has been a huge rise in the birth rate of android users, which has seen Android brands lead the mobile share of voice in the past quarter of 2019.

    Empires in the past, are known to have risen and fallen due to mistakes that could have been averted either in its early stage or at the median stage but were not avoided or properly managed.

    Well as it stands, the Android Empire has faced the wind and the choice is no longer a question, with the US and China Trade War that saw mobile brand Huwaei get trapped in the middle, Google’s long reign most definitely has come to an end or would be coming to an end anytime from now.

                                    TO THE BIG QUESTION

    Photo Credit: Statista

    Do we blame Donald Trump for giving a lead to the development of a new mobile market? Do we blame Google for now speaking up when the ban involved it? Do we regard it as a money move that went on both sides of life? The deed has been done and no one can really be blamed for the choices made against the Chinese OEM, which currently operates in about in more than 170 countries and regions, estimated serving about three billion people around the world.

    Despite the odds, the brand has steadily continued to climb the mobile brand and it is safe to describe it as the figurative cat with seven lives that does not die. The brand saw sub-brands like Honor and the Mate do well in the mobile market, thereby breaking stereotypes.

                              EFFECT OF THE BIG QUESTION

    The withdrawal of Google from the brand earlier in the year saw the brand announce its chances of releasing an OS to enable it to survive in the clouded mobile market. At the moment, Huawei has announced that its OS would be released anytime soon, which in turn means that the end of a Monopolized Empire is finally near.

    Richard Yu CEO Of Huawei
    Richard Yu

    Whether it is held in esteem or not, today CEO Richard Yu of Huawei announced that the brand would be unveiling its “Harmony OS,” which is said to run faster and safer than Google’s Android OS. While the software is primarily aimed at IoT products, which has become the most real big thing in the tech space the brand is expected to release this shocker anytime soon.

    The OS is an open-source, and it is certainly more of a competitor to Google’s upcoming Fuchsia, given that both are microkernel-based and can be deployed to multiple types of devices at once. In contrast, Android isn’t as efficient due to its redundant codes, outdated scheduling mechanism, and general fragmentation issues.


    Photo Credit: Statista
    At the moment, it is obvious that Huawei has scored a huge goal against Google. The above chart shows the emotional sentiments that have been displayed, by respondents with over 75% believing in the greater possibility of Huawei’s technology making a mark in the global market at the launch of the OS.
    About 60% of these Chinese respondents are just big on the fact that Chinese communalism as such Huawei would do it better despite its shortcomings when compared with Google’s Android OS, which they have been used to through the historic development of the Android Empire.
    44% of these respondents have also pitched themselves as agents of change with a quest for a new approach to mobile operations and software. Thus, it appears that this large number of users are big on the diversification of the mobile market as against the Android trademark and iOS trademark, which has currently rocked the mobile market boat.
    Finally, 27% of these respondents are very aware of what is at stake if a clear move is not made to sustain usability as they are active users of the brand and thus it is important that with the withdrawal of Google Services an alternative has to be made.
    In all, with sentiments and the rise of new technologies, the end is finally coming to Android Empire, which Google has held over a long period of time as a successful run of the Harmony OS, KaiOS would give rise to other Operating Systems in several regions across the world.
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