Here Are Some Siri Behaviors You Might Not Like Very Much

Lets get real, siri is not what she used to be, and as it turns out,  Siri is not quite as impressive and fascinating as she used to be. More accurately, Siri isn’t the same Siri you know depending on the device you’re using.

If you’re using Siri on the iPhone and iPad of Apple, then Siri is as good as ever. But on other devices, Siri isn’t quite as nice and has a way to go with Apple Watch, Apple TV and Mac-do you agree?

This is where most of siri’s flaws are highlighted.

iPhone and iPad

Maybe no shock from the best to the worst, Siri does best on iPhone and iPad. For several years, Apple’s smartphone and tablet have been around so the company has had time to work out bugs and load facts , figures, and so on. But if Siri doesn’t work as expected, there are a couple of things to do.

First, go to Settings, and click Siri & Search. Make sure Listen for “Hey Siri” and Press Home for Siri or Press Side Button for Siri (side button is for iPhone X) are on. Then, go to Settings >> General >> Restrictions, to make sure that Siri & Dictation is on.

Apple watch

Siri does averagely well on Apple’s smartwatch, but not as well as it does on the previous devices. Siri doesn’t talk to you on your watch, it texts, so you’ll have to read the answers. Future watch OS updates will likely add more features.

Obviously, you may find that Siri is slower than usual on your Apple watch. The good news is, Siri on Apple Watch can answer most questions and perform many of the tasks you use it for on your iPhone.

For now Siri can make calls and also send messages to people, and change settings on your watch for you. For example, you can ask Siri to “turn on airplane mode.” You can also ask Siri to set an alarm, or find an image or play a song, which you can listen to on your Bluetooth connected iPhone.

What can’t the Apple watch and Siri do? Well, you’re limited to screen interaction, so it’s hard to search for things on the web, and Siri can’t book reservations or write emails.

Apple TV

Apple Tv  has not as it would have hoped for exactly taken the world by storm. there appears to be so many more selections these days to stream content on your TV, from Roku boxes to smart TV sets, that you don’t really need it.

However, as with all things Apple, Apple TV has its fans. If you have one, you may find that Siri doesn’t perform nearly as well as it does on other Apple devices.

Siri can’t search the web or search Home Sharing libraries. It also can’t create or search music playlists from the music app. You can launch any app you have installed on Apple TV, like iTunes, by saying, “Launch iTunes?.

iMac and MacBook

If you make use of an iMac desktop computer or MacBook? You can also use Siri. It’s not as easy to comprehend as the iPhone or iPad, but it does have some useful features. You can ask Siri to find any documents you worked on this week, or be more specific and ask it to find files with a certain name in it.

You can also edit your request in the Siri window, and enter your changes from the keyboard. Clearly not as much of a personal assistant as it is on other devices, but most of us are probably using our phones more anyway.

You can also dictate documents and emails, which is awesome by the way.



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