How to Repair Bug In iOS 13.5 “App No Longer Shared”

While nothing was mentioned during the Public Trial, an irritating yet fixable vulnerability has reached a number of users.

You get the message “This app is no longer shared with you” when you try to open an app, and continue to say “To use it, you need to buy it from the App Store.”

Clicking on the View connection in the App Store should take you to the App Store entry where there is a very vulnerable Open click. Select the one in a nested loop you will find yourself in.

How To Get It Fixed;

Consider shutting off the device first, and then switching on again. That’s only a handful with modest performance.

The next choice (or the first if you don’t want to wait through a reboot) is to uninstall the app, then reinstall it from the App Store. Don’t worry, applications like Twitter and Facebook that are more impacted by this problem are web devices that don’t hold all of the data locally.

No-one is confident, frankly. It’s rare for third-party developers to have unexpected problems with a new iOS update, though not unheard of. However, iOS 13.5 (and previously unreleased iOS 13.4.5) has been remarkable in how unerringly stable it was.

It could be that Apple’s own authentication servers have some sort of problem in identifying approved apps. If this is the case, in the coming days we might see a lot more of this sort of issue.

Ideally, though, this is only a mildly irritating blip and we’ll all be returning on social media quickly moaning about how our phones hold us off for an agonizing couple of minutes of it.

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