Honda is coming up with yet another EV prototype

Honda confirms world premiere of new electric vehicle prototype at 2019 Geneva Motor Show

Just like every auto brand, Honda is not taking a stroll on achieving the EV concept, especially when the automobile company is coming up with a second prototype

Since the initial revealing of the first prototype from Honda, sometimes around 2017, the automobile giant has remained mute regarding the electric vehicle concept. However, the company has decided to take a second step into the EV automobile concept with an entirely different prototype that looks like an updated take of its early Urban EV concept.

When Honda first revealed the Urban EV in September 2017, the car’s cute retro design generated a ton of interest. However, it wasn’t the final design, though it seems we won’t have to wait too long to find out exactly what the vehicle will look like when it goes on sale. The Japanese manufacturer has just released a sketch of the new prototype model it says will be shown off at the Geneva Motor Show in March.

As it is now, it seems the automobile company is taking a shift from the initial Civic-inspired design, as the Urban EV looks set to have a more modern look than it does before. Also, the new concept allows the presence of two rear doors, unlike what we had in the previous concept. It is not clear enough whether Honda would still have a second thought on the naming of the car that its pre-orders would open sometimes later this year.

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