Honor Smart TV Will Take The First Cut From Huawei’s ‘Harmony OS’


Despite the ongoing riff with the US government, Huawei may be planning to launch its first-ever Smart TV through its subsidiary company, Honor

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An Insider who works at Honor reportedly told that the company will be unveiling its first smart TV any moment soon, and while that is not the only interesting gist, the informant also told that the TV will be the first device to host the newly-patented ‘Harmony OS’ (also known in China as HongMeng OS), as it is expected to launch sometime around August.

This will launch under the Honor brand and the first model will have a 55″ screen. It will work as a hub for Huawei’s smart home system in addition to being an entertainment platform. The added functionality is needed as the Chinese people have moved away from the big screen and are focusing on their phones – in recent years, the number of people watching TV has declined significantly.

Also talking about the need to build a smart TV, Honor’s President told that it has been a win-situation for the company, who by leveraging on the experience of building smartphones will be able to do better at the smart TV, although, he never made any official statement about when and whether it will be rolling out a Smart TV anytime soon, not even the OS on which the TV will run.

However, if any of the information is anything to go by then it means the company will have enough time to address any flaws with the OS while it runs on a smart TV before it finally rolls out to smartphones which happen to be the major market.



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