How Laptops Lower Men’s Sperm count

How laptops lower sperm count

Laptops have been heard to affect the sperm count of a man in the long run. Some might tag it ‘hearsay’, others might subscribe to it as worth-believing. Here’s the actual truth.

Myths have been around for ages that laptops can lower a man’s sperm count and affect productivity when you constantly put the heating system on your laps. Especially as a result of heat and radiation. Regardless of the lingering myths, not a lot of people have exactly stopped to think if this is truly the story or if this is just another case of ‘hearsay’.

Well, turns out that this ‘myth’ can actually be true, especially if the person has an underlying fertility issue. It’s usually better to eliminate other risk factors, minor or not.

How laptops lower sperm count

How can laptops reduce men’s sperm count?

  1. WARMTH: Men have their testicles outside unlike women who have their productive system inside. This is because the testicles need to be cooler than the rest of the body. So anything too warm can be a problem.
  2. PROLONGED HEAT: Sitting in a hot tub above 110 degrees for 30 minutes can affect the testicles. And since it takes two to three months for sperm to be made, the signs may be noticed only months later.

sitting in a hot tub can affect sperm count

3. RADIATION: The radiation from a laptop is no more than the radiation we’re exposed to generally as humans that survive every day. This doesn’t mean laptops don’t have any radiation; it just might not be consequential. Regardless, if there are underlying issues it’s better to use a desktop than being exposed to any form of heat or radiation.

radiation from laptops may lower sperm count

In conclusion, women are safe because they have their eggs inside of their body and men are safe because the laptop heat isn’t so much of a concern but if men have an underlying issue, it’s best to not complicate matters any further.

In fact, avoid putting laptops on your laps altogether. Use a book as a platform, so it isn’t directly on your laps. You can never be too safe.

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