How To Check The Storage Of Your Computer

The storage space of your computer is very important.

Most people don’t seem to pay attention to the storage of their computer probably because during purchase they bought something that can take a lot.

That’s really nice. Although, there comes a time where the storage would get full eventually.

Clearing your computer can be an exhausting process. Especially if you’re one that has a lot of content on it.

Best believe that most people don’t know when their computer is “overweight” meaning full and needs some cleansing.

Eventually the computer starts to lag and you think its some virus or what not/

Most times it’s really just your memory space.

When you notice files are taking so long to load on your computer or downloads are dragging it is time for you to check your memory space and get things sorted.

Now, what we’re going to do for you today is show you how to check your memory space before your computer crashes.

This process is so easy, you just have to follow through with us with every step.

The first step, press the windows icon on your keyboard or click it on the low left of your screen.

After that, you need to head to your settings. Your settings icon is the one that looks like a circular gear.

When you get to settings, click the panel that says “system” just like in the image below.

The system option would redirect you to a series of other options. Click the “storage” one. As seen below.

Clicking the storage panel is the stage that would direct you to see your space and what you have left. Take a look at the space of this computer below.

Would you look at how red this is? That is terrible. We sense an impending crash coming for this computer.

Now you wouldn’t want a similar thing to happen to yours. Would you? Of course not. So! why don’t you run along now and check your memory space and let go of anything that isn’t useful anymore.

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