How To Create Your Own Facebook Custom Avatar

While online, no other way to better express yourself than through the use of emojis, and cartoon-like avatars and profile pictures

It is usually fun to communicate online using an expressional avatar, memes, GIFs, Emojis among others, however, using an avatar that looks exactly like you is just more than amazing. Good news from Facebook, however, is that you can now create your own custom made avatar through these easy steps.

Here are the steps;

Open the Facebook app on your mobile device. For iPhone users, tap in the lower right corner on the three-line display, drop down, and press, Even More> Avatars. Tap Next > Log in.

Android users press on the top-right corner of the screen on the three-line menu and toggle on the Avatars. Tap Next > Log in.

Once you get to the avatar builder, pick a skin tone that best describes you.

You can now choose your avatar’s characteristics by scrolling between sections.

The next phase is to work on facial features; like shapes and complexion. You can add wrinkles if you feel like it. 

Choose eye shape, color, and makeup.

Select eyebrow shape, color, and also glasses, if you would like.

Choose the shape of your nose, lips and apply lipsticks if you want.

There is also a section for people with beards/mustache

The next phase is for body size and outfits

Last but not least, Select head-wear and the color as well

Having gone through the process, you can thereafter save the avatar as favorite and use during your chats.


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