How To Edit A PDF File

When you hear ‘editing a PDF’ it sounds so close to impossible.

Why? PDF’s exists in such a way that editing them are impossible unless you convert to a Word document, which is you can check out in our previous article. How to convert a PDF to a Word Document.

Fortunately, there are various platforms or features that can help you do what you might term as ‘the impossible’

We’re going to help you through that process and all you have to do is just follow these steps and you can be editing all the PDF’s that you want.

Before we dive in, we’d just like to let you know that the best platform or feature that can help you is the Adobe Acrobat DC and furthermore, you are entitled to a free trial.

Here are the steps;

  • If you do not already have Adobe Acrobat on your system, get it. When you do, launch the feature by opening it.
  • Once you have it opened, look for the “Edit PDF” tool that you’d locate at the right pane.
  • For this phase, you’d be required to make use of the Acrobat Editing tools. To do that, just follow the steps indicated below.
  1. There is a tool for adding a new text, editing and updating fonts using the selections made available from the format list.
  2. You are also provided with the option of of adding, replacing and resizing images.
  3. There are other tools available if you’re interested in further editing. You can decide to go wild and add water marks if you want to.
  • The last and final stage you have to go through would require you to save your edited PDF. All you need do is to name the edited file, then click the “save” button. Then you’re all finished.

We know you’re really going to sink your teeth into this one. You can now easily enjoy editing your PDF without having to go through the stress of conversion.

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