How to Fix Your Windows 10 if it Displays Blank Screen

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Experiencing a blank screen when you put on your laptop? no need to panic

Dealing with a blank screen can be somewhat frustrating and annoying especially when the deadline for the submission of your project is very near.

I have experienced this before. I was to begin work at around 9 am in the morning, but when I switched on my laptop, a blank screen was staring at me. I switched it off and then on but to no avail.  I got angry and almost threw the laptop away.

Some of the reason why so many laptops experience blank or black screens is as a result of connection problems with your monitor or screen or there is an issue with display adapter driver update. Another reason might be as a result of the issues with recent system updates or installations.

How to fix a blank screen in Windows 10

1. Check your monitor’s connection:

Make sure you check the connection between your PC and your monitor, and your monitor’s power cable. If your monitor does not display a standby light, the problem could be with the power cable or the monitor.

2. Force your display to wake up: Use your keyboard to hit your Windows key + Ctrl + Shift + B which will forcibly wake up your display.

3. Boot into safe mode to troubleshoot the black screen issue: Immediately you fire up your  PC, hold down your Shift key and click the power button at the button right of your screen, then click on restart.

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In case you do not see anything because your screen is already black, press the power button and reboot your laptop again. Make sure you do this three-time and you will force the Windows 10 automatic repair function or follow these simple steps:

1. Click the advanced start menu, and the hit Troubleshoot

2. Click Advanced options

3. Head into Startup Settings

4. Click the Restart button

5. On the startup settings, hit 5 or F5 to enter a safe mode with Networking.




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