How To Update Your Whatsapp Profile On Your Desktop

Are you aware that you can actually update your WhatsApp profile on your desktop or your laptop? Interestingly, it is quite easy to achieve

This way of updating the Whatsapp profile appears to be very efficient when you’re working on your computer system and don’t want to toggle between your system and your phone. To get this done, simply scan your Whatsapp bar-code unto your screen?

Here is what you have to do;

Firstly, go to your web browser, and type in

A page would open up that looks exactly like the image below

When you have this page open, the next step is to open your Whatsapp application on your smartphone.

When you have this done, go to your app setting and click on “WhatsApp web”. Having done that, an option will request permission to make use of your phone camera; you will thereafter scan the barcode using your phone on your computer, your screen should look like this during the process;

WhatsApp Finally Launches on the Web

When you’re done with that, your laptop screen should look like this.

To use Whatsapp web, both your smartphone and your computer has to be connected to the internet simultaeously.


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