How To Make A Slideshow Presentation

PowerPoint is a very exciting thing to use once you become familiar with it. It gives life to your documents, proposals, pitch-decks and what have you.

And whats most fascinating is the fact that you can make slideshows out of them. So if you have a presentation at the office or an event that requires you to showcase somethings, then you definitely need this information.

  1. Open a black presentation on your power-point
  2. ┬áSelect the option that says “Title Slide”
  3. Type in whatever title or subtitle that you want in the box
  4. There are a numerous amount of background colors and themes, select one for your presentation.
  5. Add new slides if you need to.
  6. The exciting part is the transition, Fade up, Fade in, Fade out, it had it all.
  7. Animate it! give it a razzle dazzle effect.
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