Here is how to play free game on your google chrome app

The Google chrome App has a lot to offer its users, but with only few user having access to all the functions that the browser app has to offer.

one of the function that most people are not aware about include the ‘Dinosaur Run Game’, the game which is a very interesting one deliberately designed to break the user’s boredom especially when the network is not friendly or accessible. This game however can be accessible for both mobile phone users as well as PC or laptop users.

here is a directory to teach you how to access the game freely without any data charges,

Firstly, ensure that your connectivity is off. the way the app allows you to access the game automatically as it only works without connection.

Image result for data turned on on mobile phone
Ensure that your data connectivity is put off


secondly, wait for the dinosaur image to come forth, its usually above the ‘no connectivity’ notification.

Related image
click on the dinosaur image to get started

lastly, click on the dinosaur image ( for PC users) or tap( for mobile users), it then starts, then you can enjoy playing your game continuously.

Related image

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