How to read deleted whatsapp messages on android

While Whatsapp is a pretty robust messaging platform, there are definitely some quality of life features that we’ve been missing

One hotly anticipated feature of Whatsapp that has now arrived is the ability to delete messages, but it’s difficult to recover them once that happens. Here’s how to recover deleted WhatsApp photos, messages, and other information if you regret your decision, although the following tips may not be applicable to iOS, but its definitely going to work fine on your android smartphone.

‘Notisave’ is a software app for android phones and it does this job perfectly. How do you get to use the app?

Dowload the app from your playstore and install

Image result for notisave install

Turn on Notisave access

Once you install the notisave app, go to your phone setting and check for notification access, ensure that you turn on the notisafe app.

Image result for notisave install

Allow access to notification

Open the notisave app and go to settings, allow access to notifications option, this way it will authomatically save all messages even beyond whatsapp regardless of weather it was deleted or not.

Image result for notisave install

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