How To Remove Unwanted And Unused Apps From Your PC

Unused and unwanted space on your computer can cause a lot of problems for the functionality of your system.

When your system gets “overweight” it then begins to malfunction.

And once it begins to malfunction, it can get damaged long term and then you have to worry about saving up money to get a new computer.

This is often times caused by apps and features you no longer make use of on your computer.

To keep your system active and not full of things you no longer use, follow these easy steps and restore your computers vitality.

  • Open the Windows settings menu, then head over to System > Storage
  • You can see a display in the center of the computer when in Storage, along with details regarding the nearby cds or hard drive. The menu should provide you an overview about how the computer’s data is divided between the various types. Each category informs you how much room is connected to software, photos, and so on in your Computer.
  • You’ll also see the choices in Settings that enable you to disable inactive or disabled applications & features and, among many other items, delete unused cloud-backed material. Those are what you’ll find later in the cycle to help flush the dust away.
  • Click the Applications button that opens a page containing details about the software downloaded on your Computer.
  • You’ll be reorganizing the chart by file size in the Applications folder and get a rundown of the applications that take up the most room on your Mac.
  • After you have selected the applications you need to move through, you can open the button and pick Uninstall to get rid of it.
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