How To Turn Off Auto-Brightness On Your iPhone


The iPhone is a unique device, and there is no doubt that it has stood out from other smartphone devices for its unique features, some of which include the auto-adaptation capability to environmental factors

The iPhone is capable of automatically switching between high and low display light (brightness) depending on the surrounding light condition. This means that when you are out in a space with sufficient or brighter light, your device automatically reduces in brightness and if otherwise, it is vice-versa.

This feature was put in place by Apple when it released its iOS11 back in September 2017 with the aim of helping users to adjust the brightness through sensors based on the surrounding light.

Of course, the feature has been found very helpful by iPhone owner since the time of initial release, however, on the contrary, some other iPhone owners find it very distracting. This particular reason is why we have gathered the following tips to serve as a directory in putting off the automatic feature on your iPhone device.

How To Turn Off Auto-Brightness On Your iPhone

On your device, launch settings and follow these tips

  1. Click/Tap on General setting

Image result for iphone general settings

2. In the general setting, click/tap on the Accessibility option, after which you will tap the Vision menu

Image result for iphone general settings

3. By now, you must have come across the menu ‘Display Accommodation’; click/tap on it

Image result for Auto Brightness   general settings

4. Under the Display accommodation menu, you will find the “Auto-Brightness” menu; turn it off, and tap the slider off to the right so that it’s no longer as seen in the image above.

Having known how to turn off the auto-brightness feature, it is also important to know how to manually regulate the feature. Below are directories on how to manually regulate your iPhone brightness.

Here, it doesn’t require a lot of stress. The option to manually regulate you iPhone brightness often comes as a default option on the ‘quick-to-do’ (Control Center) pannel.

  1. Firstly, Slide up your control center menu
  2. Locate the Brightness regulator feature (symbol). The control panel is usually accessible whether or not your device is locked.

Image result for Manual Brightness   general settings

3. change the brightness by sliding your finger up and down on sun icon. To turn Night Shift on, press and hold the sun icon, and tap the Night Shift icon on the bottom left.

As seen in the above image, you can also achieve the manual regulating of your device brightness by going to General setting >> after which you will locate the Display and Brightness option, there you will find a similar feature as seen on the left side of the image above, and further regulate your device’s brightness manually.

NB; The above tips are only applicable to iPhone devices that support iOS 11 or later update

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