How to upgrade your Android OS version


Upgrading a Android smartphone is as good as purchasing a new phone with an old body

An upgrade sometimes is what you need on your smartphone instead of buying a new one, sometimes what distinct your old android mobile from the new one is just a later version of Android OS. So upgrading you android OS is a smart way of saving cost in the long run. This article is to teach you how to save cost, in other words, it will teach you hoe to upgrade your old android version to a later one. Below are few step to follow if your android phone requires an update.

Check for current version and if there is need for upgrade

Open “Settings” on your Android phone, Find “About phone” option under “Settings”, tap “Software update” to check for the latest version of Android. Usually the system sends a notification if an upgrade is required, otherwise you will be doing so forcefully and it could slowdown your OS.

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Back up your system

Before you proceed, be sure to backup all of your data, just in case something goes wrong with the update. You should be backing up your information regularly. There is a multitude of backup apps available out there from carriers, manufacturers, and third parties. Download and use one now.

Check your space

While you’re backing up your phone’s data, check to see how much space is available on your device. You may have to offload some of your apps, pictures, and other files to make room. Android outlines how much space you need to download an update, which you’ll probably want to do over Wi-Fi if you don’t have an unlimited data plan.

Manual Update (upgrade)

Updating your Android smartphone manually can be handy and simple to do if your phone has the option for a manual update. Go to setting and >>scroll down to ‘About phone’ >> you will find an option for ‘Software update’ click on it. you will find thre options which include, Update’ ‘Auto update’ ‘Wi-fi only’.  Click on update now and follow other instruction/command.

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Rooting is always an option

If you want the latest OS as soon as it’s available, you can still choose to root your phone, which enables you to access updates when you want them. That’s just one of the many benefits of rooting your Android device. You’ll also be able to access features not yet available to unrooted Android smartphones and tablets, and you’ll have more control over your device to boot.

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