How to use Gmail offline on your computer system


Gmail is made easy for users, allowing you to even operate your account without network compulsorily put on

Gmail Offline

This is a feature Gmail users have clamored for since Google’s email service first launched, and it’s finally here – the ability to search and read your messages without an active internet connection, before now it was not possible to login to your backlog page to at least compose a message even without sending, now you can do that with the new feature.

You can use Gmail Offline whether you’ve switched to the new Gmail design or not (if you’re curious, here’s how to make the change). Before we get started, there’s bad news for fans of Firefox, Edge, Opera and their various forks – you can only access Gmail Offline using Chrome. Google also warns against syncing your emails on a shared PC.


Classic Gmail Offline

If you’re sticking the classic Gmail, start by downloading the Gmail Offline app from the Chrome Web Store. Hit ‘Add to Chrome’, give the app permission to display notification and select it from the list of shortcuts that appears. Now select ‘Allow offline mail’, then ‘Continue’. You can now access your mail offline any time by navigating to chrome://apps.

Gmail Offline has a streamlined design that hides all but the most commonly used tools, but you can find the options to move messages to folders, report spam, apply labels and more under a menu on the top right.


Selecting the ‘Settings’ button at the top right lets you choose how much mail to download (from the last week, two weeks or month) and offers a simple toggle for activating your out of office message – extremely handy if you’re heading away somewhere without internet access.

You can also compose emails in the usual way, including attachments, and these will be sent automatically next time you’re online.

New Gmail Offline

If you’ve upgraded to the new Gmail, with its Secure Mode, snoozing, pushing and nudging, offline mode is already built in. The process of finding it isn’t terribly elegant – the app for the classic Gmail looks much more appealing – but we’re sure Google will work on that.

Click the gear icon> and select ‘Settings’, >then click ‘Offline’ and select> ‘Enable offline mail.

note that You’ll also need to decide whether your synced emails should be stored on your PC after you log out of your Gmail account.

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